Dealing with Grievance Issues

A thorough understanding of a best practice Grievance process, including how to apply the law correctly, is essential for good management.  Managing a grievance issue correctly is extremely important as it can help save time, money and can also create a better working atmosphere for employees.

This module will help Managers understand all key aspects of this fundamental area of employment law and how best to apply it at each of the different stages.

What the course includes:

•    Practical advice on attempting to manage the Grievance informally.
•    Comments to avoid during a grievance meeting.
•    Various stages of a formal grievance process.
•    Practical advice on holding a grievance hearing – including dos and don’ts.
•    Outcome options.
•    Communicating the decision with the employee.
•    General principles of dealing with Grievances.
•    Fun activities to test your knowledge at various stages of the course.
•    Course assessment – with certification (if a pass grade of 70% or above is achieved). 
•    CPD certified – 1hr CPD time.