Managing Persistent Short-Term Absence

It’s vital for Managers to know how to manage persistent short-term absence appropriately and quickly, as satisfactory attendance at work is essential for the effective and efficient operation of any business.  High absence rates from employees negatively affect customers, colleagues, and ultimately the efficiency and productivity of the business. 

Whilst it is important for Managers to recognize that employees will be unable to attend work from time to time, this module will help Managers to maximise employees’ level of attendance, by understanding the stages to follow in managing persistent short-term absence in a fair and consistent way and ensuring they follow their organisation’s policies and procedures as well as the law.

What the course includes:

  • Introduction to persistent short-term absence.
  • How to monitor and manage absence.
  • Defining a threshold for starting a formal absence process.
  • Various stages of a persistent short-term absence management process.
  • Outcome options.
  • Other considerations when dealing with persistent short-term absence.
  • Fun activities to test your knowledge at various stages of the course.
  • Course assessment – with certification (if a pass grade of 70% or above is achieved).
  • CPD certified – 1hr CPD time.