Dealing with Long-Term Absence

It’s very important for Managers to have a clear framework in order to help resolve Sickness Absence issues as efficiently as possible to help maintain staff levels and to ensure other members of staff are not overloaded.  It’s also important for the Manager to know how to support the employee appropriately during and after their period of absence, to build trust and loyalty between employee and Manager.

This module will help take Managers through the different stages of managing long-term absence in a fair and consistent way and ensuring they follow their organisation’s policies and procedures as well as the law.

What the course includes:

  • Gathering the appropriate information from the employee.
  • Various stages of a long-term absence management process.
  • Being aware of disability discrimination.
  • Making reasonable adjustments.
  • Various stages of a long-term absence management process.
  • Outcome options.
  • Fun activities to test your knowledge at various stages of the course.
  • Course assessment – with certification (if a pass grade of 70% or above is achieved).
  • CPD certified – 1hr CPD time.