Dealing with Disciplinary Issues

Managing a Disciplinary Issue correctly is essential, as it can help save time, money and it ensures that employees know what is expected of them and the rules within which they operate, which is key to getting the best results from your employees.

This course provides an opportunity for Managers to develop their learning and confidence in handling disciplinary issues and helps ensure that the business has effective procedures in place.

What the course includes:

•    Establishing the facts.
•    Should you suspend whilst investigating?
•    Various stages of a disciplinary process.
•    Practical advice on holding a disciplinary hearing.
•    Outcome options.
•    Other considerations when following a disciplinary process.
•    Fun activities to test their knowledge at various stages of the course.
•    Course assessment – with certification (if they achieve a pass grade of 70% or above). 
•    CPD certified – 1hr CPD time.