Carrying out Effective Appraisals

Carrying out an effective appraisal is an important way of developing and maintaining the relationship between employee and Manager and they can be a great opportunity to discuss aspirations and any guidance, support or training needed to fulfil these aspirations.  The effective management of individuals and teams can lead to reduced staff turnover and achieving high levels of organisational performance.

This module will help to identify the benefits of appraisals, the key skills required to conduct them and how to assess their effectiveness. 

This module has been designed for individuals who carry out staff appraisals, and are looking to build their confidence and effectiveness in this essential skill.

What the course includes:

•     Objectives of an appraisal.     
•     Introduction to appraisal process.
•    Identify the benefits of appraisals.
•    Preparing for an appraisal.
•    Appraisal structure.
•    Setting effective performance objectives.
•    Appraisal follow up and reviews.
•    Fun activities to test your knowledge at various stages of the course.
•    Course assessment – with certification (if a pass grade of 70% or above is achieved).
•    CPD certified – 1hr CPD time.