Managing the Maternity Process

Mangers that follow good practice when managing a Maternity Process can improve the experience of pregnant employees and new mothers and encourage them to return to work following maternity leave.

This module takes Managers through the different stages of managing the maternity process in a fair and consistent way and ensuring they follow their organisation’s policies and procedures as well as the law.

What the course includes:

•     Understanding key legal abbreviations.     
•     Steps to follow once you have been notified an employee is pregnant.
•    Understanding statutory maternity pay.
•    Entitlement to employee benefits.
•    Other considerations – such as Shared Parental Leave.
•    Carry out a health and safety risk assessment.
•    Preparing for an employee’s return to work.
•    Other considerations.
•    Fun activities to test your knowledge at various stages of the course.
•    Course assessment – with certification (if a pass grade of 70% or above is achieved).
•    CPD certified – 1hr CPD time.